AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor

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Our company is a personal finance service provider to individuals and corporates. We are in business of advising, executing and managing portfolio within carefully designed process framework in order to build wealth and save money for our customers. We act as the single-point service provider where all financial, investment and tax planning services are offered under one roof. The company has strong leadership team with a history of entrepreneurial and management success.

About Us

Madhurima Associates is an AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor Firm whose inclusive and sensible strategy have won many trusted relationships with High Net Worth Individuals, Corporate, Trusts and Institutions due to our ability to analyse and understand the Investment Needs of our clientele.

We are fast growing firm guided by our ethics and morals working in the field of financial services since 2010 and a single point contact for all your investment and financial needs. We keep on reviewing our work to ensure to achieve best practices in terms of transparency and accountability. The foundation of our business conducts requires honesty, confidentiality and integrity in all matters.

We are well focused and provide need based services to people as per their specific requirements. We offer tailor made solutions for all your financial needs.
We are Mutual Fund Distributors and promote different Mutual Funds Schemes of Asset Management Companies as well as other Financial Products like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Bonds, New Pension Scheme and Home Loans etc. Since we are directly associated and affiliated to almost all Financial Products available in the market, we provide an honest and unbiased product mix for the financial investments to our clients.

“We are working / having primary business of financial products distributor. We are not Investment Advisors as per SEBI (Investor Advisor) Regulations and any investment / portfolio advice being provided by us is purely incidental to our said primary business. Clients / Investors are free to seek proper expert advice from authorized Investment Advisers for any investments done/ being done through us.”

Vision Statement

To stay focused on the needs of our investors and become a respected distribution house by adhering to traditional values of simplicity, confidentiality, transparency and integrity while continuing to deliver steady and consistent performance with wealth creation over long term.

Mission Statement

Through commitment to people, system and technology, we lead the way in providing value to our investors by spreading financial awareness about various products, organizing client’s investments at one place and making it accessible and useful, making investing a happy and delighting experience.