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Our company is a personal finance service provider to individuals and corporates. We are in business of advising, executing and managing portfolio within carefully designed process framework in order to build wealth and save money for our customers. We act as the single-point service provider where all financial, investment and tax planning services are offered under one roof. The company has strong leadership team with a history of entrepreneurial and management success.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning lays the roadmap to systematically achieve the goals you may have, by appropriate financial management.This process brings in the required perspective and gives you a framework, to systematically achieve your goals. It also forces discipline in spending and saving, which helps you to cruise towards your goals, relentlessly and achieve them eventually.Types Of Financial Planning

Investment Planning

Investment Planning involves identifying your financial goals throughout your life, and prioritizing them. Investment Planning includes buying a house, car, planning a vacation every year, etc.  For example, if you want to invest for funding your vacation next year, do not choose an investment vehicle that has a three-year lock-in, instead, choose an option that matches your investment horizon. At Net Brokers, our experts do a thorough analysis of your financial goals and ensure the chosen investment products are aligned with the tenor required to achieve the desired goals.

In most cases, the right investment is a balance of three things:

  •         Liquidity
  •         Safety and
  •         Return.

We help you to decide upon the right investment strategy. Besides your individual requirement, your investment strategy would also depend upon your age, personal circumstances and your risk appetite. These aspects are typically taken care of during investment planning. We further help you to strike a balance between risk and returns. By prudent planning, it is possible to arrive at an optimal mix of risk and returns, which suits your particular needs and requirements.

Children Future Planning

Bringing-up child as a successful and responsible individual is a dream of every parent. Almost every parent sacrifices his or her own desires and wishes to make their child’s future secure. Many parents also face lot of hardships to save money and fulfil their child’s dream. Parents even stop caring about themselves when it comes to the career and future of their child.

Two needs which need maximum attention and planning from parents (especially modern day parents) are higher education and marriage.

At Net Brokers, our experts spend adequate time in understanding the dreams and aspirations you have for your child. Based on this, we suggest an investment plan along with the tenor required to achieve your desired goal.

Retirement Planning

Very often, people postpone planning for retirement till they are very close to it. But that can leave them severely under-prepared.

The cost of delaying

"I am too young to bother about retirement."

The sooner you begin setting aside money for your retirement investments, the better off you will be. The longer you wait, the more sacrifices you will have to make to catch up. That is because of the power of compounding—your investments earn income, and that income earns income, and that income further earns income.

We at Net Brokers help you to adopt an investment approach in life so that you & your family have a secured future.

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning is concerned with ensuring adequate coverage against insurable risks. Calculating the right level of risk cover is a specialized activity, requiring considerable expertise.

Depending upon person to person Insurance needs differ too. It depends on your age, profile, requirements, level of risks, your income etc. Insurance planning takes into account all the factors before chalking out a customized plan and gives you the most suitable option.

Coverage areas to review include:

  •         Health
  •         Disability
  •         Life.
  •         Auto/Home.

An individual earns throughout his life until he retires. During different stages of life, his insurance needs are different. It is important for the bread earner of the family to have adequate insurance as he moves forward in his life so as to ensure a comfortable living to the family in case something happens to him.Post Retirement, insurance act as a big support to fill up the gap between needs and accumulated funds.

At Net Brokers, our experts analyze your age ,responsibilities, requirements, needs, risk, etc and accordingly prepare an insurance plan which takes into account all the factors and provides full protection to the family against any unforeseen risk.

Insurance planning helps an individual to lead a stress free life keeping him sure about his life and assets.

Tax Planning

Proper tax planning is the basic duty every person should carry out religiously. We help you compare the advantages of several tax saving schemes and depending upon your age, social liabilities, tax slabs and personal preferences, decide upon a right mix of investments, which shall reduce your tax liability to zero or the minimum possible.